Just as a man is born into a family that raises him through to adulthood, so can a person be spiritually “born” into a spiritual family, the local church. We want to be a local church that is a good spiritual environment for everybody. If you are interested in spiritual matters, you are looking for the Way, the Truth and the Life, we are here for you.

The community of the church is always directed in two ways. The first is to heaven to know the Three-in-One God, developing a relationship with Him and His glorification. The second direction leads to man; it is a way of self-knowing, which leads to looking for the answers to serious life questions and crisis in the light of Scripture. This also leads to complete individual development of a personality.

Both dimensions are closely connected and mutually overlap. That is why we prepare a broad spectrum of meetings, because we want to provide the possibility for every visitor to fulfill his spiritual needs. In the same way, these possibilities provide a place for pro-active engagement in work and service. As Jesus Himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
We want to help everyone who needs help. We try to do this as individuals, families, and as a church body. We organize occasional collections to help suffering people in social homes throughout Slovakia, suffering people in other countries and we support various ministry organizations.

Since our own space in Halasova Street is too small, we have decided to hold Sunday services temporarily in the local Music school. We believe that in the close future we will be able with God’s help to solve this serious state and to secure a permanent space for our community.

All activities of our local church are organized by our own means, financed from gifts from our members and friends. The basic document about the institution of our local church is the Constitution of Cirkev bratská and the Internal Order of Cirkev bratská.